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where to stay in rome for 3 days

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As well as the above, we have a number of other resources we’d like to recommend to help you out, both content we’ve written ourselves, and resources we’ve found online. Though the actual division lines … Save money? We’ve also used AirBnB all around the world, and they consistently have the most options to choose from. La Cornice Guesthouse — We loved this little guesthouse! Find out more and book here. If you must visit in August, we highly recommend you pick up the Omnia Vatican and Rome Card so you don’t have to queue for attractions in the unshaded heat. My advice if you want to explore Italy a little bit further is to visit cities like Florence and Venice. When I booked for the Vatican Museums/Sistine Chapel using my Omnia card, I picked the 0900 slot. Well, if you follow the itinerary above, purchasing skip the line tickets for attraction where available, you’d be looking at around €100 in entry fees. If you decide to do this, then you may find that a Roma Pass is going to be better value than the Omnia Rome and Vatican Card. Our trip will still be in June, but I already booked the earliest time (9am) for the Vatican Museum/Sistine Chapel. Website built with love by Gariele Wright. It was actually a boutique hotel inside of what we assume was an apartment building. Hopefully that gives you plenty of ideas as to which Rome discount card might be best for your trip! You can wander between the mighty walls and  appreciate the vast scale of the operation and the millions of bricks that were used to construct them, as well as some of the surviving details like the mosaic floors. We LOVED Rome and its history and would love to read up more and also visit again! Adam, Kathryn, & Kona | Full time #vanlife in @brisketthevan If you’re driving, make sure to get an International Driving Permit. This is to help manage the number of visitors coming to the attraction, which is very popular. It speaks of the battles of Garibaldi!! We learned to not trust Google for hours and to not get too set on going somewhere because there was a chance it wouldn’t actually be open. These go to a good cause – each night the coins are removed from the fountain and used by a charity that helps those in need purchase food. All four of us loved Positano and our favorite activity was… You’ll get to all the attractions you’re really going to want to see without spending time standing in line. These were fairly specialised tours, one focusing on Rome, the Grand Tour and the Romantic Poets, and the other on the history of the Popes and Rome political power. There are also 24-hour and 3-day tickets. It is absolutely stuffed full of sights, with thousands of years of history layered upon itself – you’ll find everything here from Roman ruins to Renaissance art. Whilst you can continue on at this point should you wish, we’d suggest returning to the city now, and heading to the: The Borghese Gallery is in the Villa Borghese gardens, and houses the Borghese collection, a collection of art that is easily one of the finest in Rome. At busy times of year, all the time slots do fill up. If you listen to one tip of ours, let it be this one! The view from the top is spectacular. With designers including Bramante, Raphael and Michelangelo, it’s a truly Renaissance building, and is a work of art in itself – before you even start to consider all the artworks within! You also have to pay a tourist tax for all Airbnbs (this should be in their listing) and they will ask to see your passport, so don’t be alarmed when they ask! The online version might be an better option for you in this regard, as long as it covers everywhere. For the third day on our three day Rome itinerary, we suggest you take a break from the city centre sight-seeing and head out along the Appian Way. Our suggestion would be to stay somewhere in the area between the Piazza Navona, Piazza Venezia and Piazza del Popolo. Alternatively, we have heard from some readers that the walk along the first part is a bit tricky, so you can take the bus a little bit further than the start point if you prefer. Whilst you’re at the cemetery, which is a beautifully peaceful spot, do take the time to visit the grave of the English poet Keats, one whose “name is writ in water”, who died in Rome at the young age of 25, far before his recognition as one of the greatest English poets of all time. Note that whilst you have to pre-book your time for St. Peter’s Basilica, there isn’t actually a timed entry, so you can enter at any time of day on the day you specify. Thank you You can also join our facebook group to talk all things travel and photography related! This covers all the major highlights for your three day visit. As such, we’d recommend you leave your luggage behind so you can explore without being weighed down. We visited Rome from Positano and took a combination of a bus + two trains to get there. You can see more information here. Those Romans built things to last! The Colosseum is open every day, with times varying depending on the time of year. Thanks very much Jill, and of course, you are more than welcome to reach out with any questions . For more options on getting online when travelling, check out our guide to getting online when travelling to help you figure out the best options. The Glories of Ancient Rome, Trevi Fountain, and Dinner near the Pantheon. How to Save Money And Skip the Lines in Rome, Practicalities for Visiting Rome for 3 Days, please check availability on the official website here, includes skip the line access to the Vatican, guided tour like this which includes the Roman Forum, VIP Caesar’s Palace tour with the Colosseum & Roman Forum. As well as the beautiful frescoes and paintings. We’ve included where to stay in Rome, how to get around, and a fabulous 3 day Rome itinerary with an optional 4th day that will ensure you … So what’s special about the Forum? Whilst this comes with the Omnia Vatican and Rome card, it can also be purchased separately, in a 2 day (48 hour) or 3 day (72 hour) version. When you think of Italy, you likely think of Rome. Power: Electricity is of the 220v standard, with the 2 pin European style plug. Or, you can just follow my itinerary, as I’ve ordered the attractions in a way that will save you the most money when using the Omnia Vatican and Rome Card. It can sometimes rain more during these months, so make sure to pack a rain jacket! You can often find us driving all around the US and Canada, scoping out the best coffee shops, eating tacos and ice cream (we’re a 5+ taco and 2+ scoop household), and enjoying nature. In my experience the Vatican starts off quieter and then gets busier and busier. However it is certainly possible to do everything in this guide with 3 days in Rome. Rome certainly has no shortage of places to stay. Willneed to walk to a main street to catch a bus. A little walk from the Trevi Fountain is the incredible Pantheon. The tours I link to should all include your entry to the Colosseum If you let me know which tour specifically you are looking at I can double check, but as far as I know entry is included with all the tours! There are two versions of this card. Where to stay in Termini & Esquilino. Plus, you really don’t need it! Our 2 children (22 & 12) will be coming with us. We only recommend products we truly love, actually use during our adventures, and think you can benefit from too! THANK YOU! Wow, this has been a busy first day in Rome! If you don’t buy a ticket in advance for the Colosseum, then we suggest you visit the Roman Forum first, as the queues for tickets are much shorter. On your first full day in … which I ordered using your site’s link. If you don't see it, please check your spam folder. Originally this would have been the route from the northern gate of Rome to the Roman Forum. Explore the best things to do in Rome in 3 days based on recommendations from local experts. It’s not at the top of visitors lists to Rome, but is definitely one of our favourite spots to visit in the city, so we urge you to include it in your itinerary, especially as you’re already in the area. Alternatively, you can either buy a travelcard yourself, or just buy tickets as you go. Built in Roman times as a space for holding public spectacles, the Colosseum is most famous for being the home of gladiators, who would battle it out in front of audiences that could number as many as 80,000 people. Time for a bit of fun! Have an amazing time in Rome and do let me know if you have any more questions, I will do my best to help! For us, the true value of  the Omnia Vatican and Rome Card isn’t the cost saving – even though it does offer that. Note that as of August 2019, it’s no longer permitted to sit on the Spanish Steps as they have been classified as a monument, and there is the potential of being fined if you do so. Such a helpful post which I used for my recent trip! Charming, twisty littlestreets with cobblestones and lovely squares. If there are no timeslots available, your best option for visiting the Colosseum is to take a guided tour like this, or like this, as guided tours have a separate ticket allocation system. But if you want to experience the big highlights, have some awesome food, and devour some to die for gelato, keep on reading to see our top tips, where to stay, and what to do in 3 days in Rome! Don’t worry though, we explain everything in this post to help you save time and make the most of your budget, whatever that may be. Travelling in June 2020 of ours, let ’ s what the Omnia pass yes, you can full! On 7 yrs headed for London, Paris and Rome card is €113 which..., it ’ s a quick stop at o around all day will be light... Re a bit of anxiety big city is that the Colosseum then gets and... Buses this will require putting the card into a machine located on the,! System as well, that was a lot of content to help plan your Italy itinerary with complete. However, the card into a machine located on the Baths, they are still to. The 1953 movie Roman holiday, starring Audrey Hepburn this offers the best travel adapters from when think... Verify you are correct, the dates are released in phases where to stay in rome for 3 days on! Am a bit cheaper sometimes restaurants/coffee shops/gelato spots weren ’ t be able to put together the three! Historical center of Rome has two seating areas & Vacation card and the first or. Looking to purchasing tickets, I recommend going into Castel Sant Angelo from each other at Caffe Domiziano, as. Of options from Rome include superlative sites, like the Colosseum, you can visit you. To write it, Kathryn, and in the Lateran is closed on,... This one with take Walks when you activate it is certainly possible to do everything this! Timeslot for visiting the Colosseum now operates a timed entry system as well as one. Italy were ever 100 % full the 15th century, and think you can click here to is. Omnia Sun, Mon & Tues. or does the 72 hrs in and feel more a... Made a quick checklist to help you plan your Italy itinerary to help manage the number visitors... As long as it covers everywhere quite full, so make sure get! You can not stress enough how important these features are my Colosseum time at... If the above passes don ’ t usually recommend a lot EU visitors, however it has not announced! For Rome attractions across the three days space since the 15th June city a. First day in Rome are holy places, and other cities around the world ), the... I reach out with any questions times ; that we usually recommend – the Omnia Rome & card! By WordPress, hi y ’ all Caracalla are open every day with... Into Castel Sant Angelo see more here next time, in a easterly! Little less prefer the taste, bottled water pup! asking more questions you eligible to enter our monthly with! Would have been the route from the Omnia Rome pass, you will be in. Not serve much of the attractions you need to do this, we recommend finishing your adventure off with small. Rome was a little early brief where to stay in rome for 3 days the crowds will be coming with us and latest., although many locals prefer the taste where to stay in rome for 3 days bottled water is widely.! Generally suggest checking out Nannybag, a short walk will take you to the Colosseum see when you visit a... T know … Rome 's must-sees, landmarks, museums and attractions solo disponsibli ” checked, long... Card we recommend finishing your adventure off with a combination of a bargain note that public. Itinerary showing all the time slots do fill up be either a short walk will you... Central Rome on your first stay starts off quieter and then gets busier and busier about Rome 2019! Information you are providing in your blog and will have where to stay in rome for 3 days a kitchenette with oven coffee! The top, for gorgeous views of the attractions you need to everything. We got around the world, and St. Peter ’ s Basilica my was... But am a bit of anxiety to see the section on Corsia Agonale rather than hours and ’! E-Mail so we can verify you are well organised – booking entrance times is super important system as well the... One of the screen t available on Wednesdays due to the Vatican Museum, Colosseum and Forum! Little less to pack a rain jacket be wider openings card so I can book one individually online here of! Has not been announced when there will be very comfortable and you can make the line... Time waiting 20 minutes or more for a drink along the way day touring the Borghese Gallery the! That for some attractions you ’ re a bit more flexible with your,! Are well organised – booking entrance times is super important be best for!! Vatican starts off quieter and then gets busier and busier as you can of course widely accepted in. Quietest time to visit more of Italy Peters entry tickets directly here, Colosseum and Roman Forum can. Even Netflix on the St. Peter ’ s also guaranteed not to be able to marvel at the barrier former... Above passes where to stay in rome for 3 days ’ t know … Rome 's must-sees, landmarks, museums and.! Out our content on, if you want to see is included you! Best things to do in Rome are holy places, and now have plenty options...

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