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2012 ford escape wrench light

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I turn my car off and wait a few minutes to restart it, the km to empty gauge registers that I have lost 30-40km worth of gas. So, what is that light on your dashboard? Towed vehicle to the shop. Each time I stopped, it would take a few minutes before it would get to moving at a normal speed. CarComplaints.com ® is an online automotive complaint resource that uses graphs to show automotive defect patterns, based on complaint data submitted by visitors to the site. Not sure of the 2008 but Ford sent out a recall to update the PCM on the 2010 so it won't go into the limp made and extended the warranty out. Ford Cars & Trucks; Open Questions: 0 Answers 1997 Ford Thunderbird, where is starter relay located. MY GREEN WRENCH SYMBOL LITE CAME ON, WHY. First time this ever happened. Average failure mileage is 66,950 miles. I will use a scanner to see if any codes are displayed. Re: VERY IMPORTANT: If the WRENCH light should come on. miles; No cold air in air conditioner whole motor replaced in 2014 lock on back hatch replaced broke again. The 2011 Ford Edge has 29 problems reported for loses power, wrench light on. Shop By Category. below is a list of complaints & problems filed against the 2012 ford escape. The repair cost about $200. The wrench is another form of a check engine light. Ford Fusion / 2012 Ford Fusion / Wrench symbol shows up but... Wrench symbol shows up but no code can be found what should we do? They thought it was a loose fuse in the anti-theft system. I assure you our Lug Wrenches work on all Ford, Lincoln and Mercury Vehicles. I replaced it and the light hasn't came back. OBD2 Posted by diverdown on Jun 15, 2017. When the computer detects there is something wrong (as it is constantly running tests) it will set a "diagnostic troubleshooting code" that is designed to help you figure out what is wrong faster. 1 Answer Car runs but it will itermitently stall and coast to a stop runs very rough at an idle with both wrench and check egine lights on code comes up P2112 and P2112p. Wrench light 5 Answers. My car has 90000 miles. Then the wrench light and check engine light came on and I pulled over videoed the fluctuating gauges. The basic job of the sensor is to monitor the air fuel mixture under idle,... Corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction PTFE filter blocks efficiency-robbing contaminants. There are a few causes for this light to pop up on a ford. The 2009 Ford Escape has 4 problems reported for wrench light on, lost power. Denso's light duty oxygen sensor started to appear on vehicles with the development of fuel injection systems. I have tried to make a appointment, but must wait one week at the dealership closest to me. 2012 Ford Escape Parts. Dashboard lights 2 Answers. Jacking up your 2012 Ford Escape is can be dangerous if done incorrectly. What does it mean when you’re driving and the wrench warning light appears and the accelerator doesn’t work. PM me if you have any questions, otherwise I won't be around. The orange wrench light came on in my 2009 Ford Escape. Luckily this happened where I could pull over safely. They did a diagnostic test and everything appeared fine. I continued drive home and it happened AGAIN in my neighborhood. 2010 Base Ford Flex. 2012 Ford Fusion. In Stock. THIS is very nerve wracking as I am often driving with my little boy and not sure when/if we will have another loos of power while driving. You can also We have 4 fords in the family but will not be buying any in the future. There's never any warning, it can go a few weeks and not happen at all and just recently happened twice in one day. Top. I no longer own my Flex as of July 2012! Coasted to side of road & cut vehicle off. *pe communication number: tsb-13-5-30, date: 2013-05-29 category: 356000 equipment adaptive summary: ford: the sun visor vanity mirror door, on some vehicles, fails to close or is loos and causes mirror light to stay on. Very dangerous, but I had no other choice! I’m not losing any power though and the car runs fine. After the first few times it did this the dealer removed the anti-theft system which came with the vehicle but they claimed was an after market system that they did not install. Due to there being numerous potential fault reasons, diagnostic equipment is required to read fault codes. They drove it 3 times around town with no problem. I also had the dealer "upsell" me on cleaning the throttle body about 3 years ago. After filling this complaint out earlier today and trying to remember the numerous times this has happened I had same thing TWO MORE TIMES today. For Alaska/Hawaii, the base rate is $27.59 and surcharges may apply for larger orders. All had wrench lights coming and going at 200,000 km plus. ford escape 2011 check engine light came on 4,800 miles 3 Answers. I was scared and this was SO dangerous!! 2008 Ford F-350 Super Duty FX4 Crew Cab LB-Maintenance & Repair. Wrench warning light on 2006 ford explorer 1 Answer. Save up to 40% on original replacement 2012 Ford Escape electrical, lighting and bodies. Add to Cart . Nov 19, 2020 | Ford Cars & Trucks. The back liftgate will not open, but the glass will. Right as I come out of he turn it stalls. Average repair cost is $470 at 57,650 miles. 2010 Ford Escape wrench light came on while driving. He advised me to purchase a Smart phone diagnostic reader so that we can hopefully get a reading when this happens again. wrench light 1 Answer. The 2012 Ford Escape has 15 problems reported for engine stalls/shuts down while driving. Turned vehicle off and restarted and lights went off and proceeded to crown Ford on thompson lane and the service dept was closed. The first time happened while driving on the highway but because it was early and a Sunday, few cars were on the road. I don't have a spare car to drive while they try to recreate it!!! First time this ever happened. Ford Escape lost speed and was manueverable at idle speed only. Iphone Plugged Into Usb Port, Head Lights, Air Conditioning On And Working. Average repair cost is $2,100 at 88,400 miles. Get notified about new defects, investigations, recalls & lawsuits for the. Average repair cost is $2,100 at 88,400 miles. 2012 Ford Explorer -Maintenance & Repair. The wrench light on a ford escape means there is a powertrain malfunction or an electronic throttle body system malfunction. Now it won't move. It is currently at the shop and they are trying to determine the cause. Now it has happened 2 times each of the last 3 I have driven it. This problem Ford should jump on right away. Navigate our online catalogue to find body and other parts designed specifically to fit a 2012 Ford Escape. December 2007 in Ford. Official recalls have been issued for the 2012 Ford Escape by the NHTSA. Jan 03 2018. Thanks to the quick reaction of the causeway personnel, we made it home safely. OUT OF THE BLUE, NO WARNING CAR STOPS ON YOU. 2010 Ford Escape, 6 Cyl, Lux pkg, 95K mi. Driving down hwy with NO warning, reason, or logic my Escape cut off and wrench light came on. Scanner displays code: C.A.N. Took the fuse out of the anti-theft system and replaced it. Was in the shop before it had 1k miles with many more shop visits to follow. 2010 Ford Escape wrench light came on while driving. The temperature gauge needle quits working as well. I had to coast through a lane of rush hour traffic to get to the side of the road. VERY, VERY SCARY. - Omaha, NE, USA. Sudden Loss Of Rpm’s And Engine power. Hello, the wrench light on a 2008 Escape is actually a warning light related to the operation of the transmission or electronic throttle body, and ... My wrench light stays lit on my 08 Escape. Eventually it will wreck your transaxle, if TSS and Oss sensors are not changed more so TSS sensor.

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