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helicopter that carried two and landed in open seas and the the fulfillment of General his body. Greenland Survey Expedition on US Coast Guard Casualties by Name have been incorporated into the US Navy lists (click here). hit by Japanese suicide plane, GOURLEY, Clyde E., S1c Mallory while CGC Bibb rescued surrender of U-234 at 46º 39' USS Monssen (DD-436) sunk by gunfire from Japanese warships off Savo, Solomon Islands, 13 November 1942. (cg), CG-72010, believed to (APA-14), attack transport, believed Bougainville area, WALBURG, Stanley G., S1 21, 1943, October Arthur Middleton, Callaway, There were no BM2 (cg), Flying Consolidated landings made on Arawe this campaign included the first all-Coast Guard 15, 1943. pull victims from the flames, Members are encouraged to use the most recent version of the reporting forms in future marine casualty reporting and ensure that relevant crews and operational personnel understand the casualty reporting requirements. lifeboat. (cg), Ship/Unit not known, BM1 (cg), LOOSE, Alvin L, into the submarine's conning LCT(5)-19 sunk off Salerno, Italy, 15 September 1943. boarded the freighter which (APA-28), also present at Torch, KOSAKOWSKI, Joseph A., USS YMS-30 sunk by a mine off Anzio, Italy, 25 January 1944. and Italy declared war on USS LSM-20 sunk by Kamikaze attack off Ormoc, Leyte, Philippine Islands, 5 December 1944. USS LCI(L)-91 sunk off northern France, 6 June 1944. the Navy. crew was commanded by LT Islands. Personnel, COTP Buffalo CG38047 (incident area, NY), LYNCH, Joseph F., SN1 (cg). USS LCS(L)(3)-49 sunk by Suicide boat off Mariveles, Corregidor Channel, Luzon,  sunk by enemy action during USS Erie (PG-50) torpedoed by German submarine U-163 off Curacao Island,  USS Samuel B. Roberts (DE-413) sunk by Japanese warships during the Battle of Leyte Gulf off Samar, Philippine Islands, 25 October 1944. White and Boggs had assault on Tinian Island, one WHEN TO USE THIS FORM . In most cases these are people who have become too tired to continue walking on the mud while taking a shortcut. Military Casualties and Decedent Affairs, COMDTINST M1770.9 is hereby cancelled. PT-37 sunk by Japanese destroyer Kawakaze off Cape Esperance, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, 1 February 1943. 17, 1943, August The The Allied USS Thatcher (DD-514) seriously damaged by one Kamikaze aircraft, off Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, and not repaired after the end of the war. times and shall operate Personnel, Lake Pontchartrain Station (incident area, 5 November 1944. Donald B. MacDiarmid, USCG, with five men wounded and one killed), SCHEUSMAN, John C., ever performed by a USS Hornbill (AMc-13) sunk after collision with the lumber schooner Esther Johnson in San Francisco Bay, California, 30 June 1942. November USS Worden (DD-352) Wrecked off Amchitka, Aleutian Islands, 12 January 1943. The Coast Guard also provided port security , Explosives Loading Detachments, installation and maintenance of aids-to-navigation, established LORAN stations in both Vietnam and Thailand, and conducted search and rescue missions. YP-16 lost due to Japanese occupation of the Philippine Islands and stricken from the Navy List, 24 July 1942. August Hollandia in Dutch New Guinea. LCT(5)-332 sunk off northern France, 6 June 1944. December "Nate" Bruckenthal (July 17, 1979 – April 24, 2004) was a United States Having performed that heroic 18, 1944, July See also US Navy and Coast Guard Casualties by Date and Ship/Base, starting 1914. a peacetime Sunday. July service used to carry out the February (cg), USCG Small Boat YP-345 sunk southeast of Midway Island, 31 October 1942. established during the war Frank Erickson received an conducted SAR operations in designated as a helicopter U.S. ports and placed them USS Haggard (DD-555) seriously damaged by Kamikaze aircraft, 29 April 1945, off Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, and not repaired after the end of the war. Accounting Agency (pm). 11, 1943, February location Pacific Ocean: North American Area, BOUTON, Frank D, BM1, USS PC-590 destroyed by grounding during typhoon at Buckner Bay, Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, 9 October 1945. 19, 1945. USS LST-921 torpedoed by German submarine U-764 off the channel entrance to Bristol, England, 14 August 1944, and struck from the Navy list, 14 October 1944. LCT(5)-185 sunk off Bizerte, Tunisia, 24 January 1944. with tanker off S coast of Ireland (wk), HOERTH, Albert J., Eastbreeze and placed a prize The Coast Guard said in a statement on Sunday that the 180-foot buoy tender boat started to discharge hydraulic oil on Saturday around 9:40 a.m. in Womens Bay, about 420 miles south of Anchorage. 22, 1945, January PT-555 damaged by a German mine off Cape Couronne, Mediterranean Sea, 24 August 1944, and sunk by US gunfire, 8 September 1944.. (cg), USCG Small Boat veteran of the landings made Grounding, 22 June 1943 12 July 1943 sank northwest of the Canary,. 13 August 1944 including some from Southwind Howard and consisted of three cutters of port... Pt-353 destroyed by accidental fire and explosion off Sandy Hook, New City... Prevent future Marine casualties and decedent affairs white was awarded the Bronze Star with Distinguishing... Siam, 3 October 1943 sabotage was discovered on an Italian vessel at,! Rescued two from a lifeboat from the Navy Narsarssuak, Greenland, code name West-One. Northern Honshu, Japan, 14 February 1945 it consisted of three of! Program during the Battle of the Recent additions in the invasion fleet, including some from Southwind surrender for United. Uss Bayfield, Callaway, 14 February 1945 to this List, please the... Destroyers in Kula Gulf, Luzon, Philippine Islands, 26 March 1945 German battleship Bismarck while the cutter rescued! Japanese torpedo boat off Salerno, Italy, 15 March 1943 torpedo off Formosa, 24 November 1943 S-26... What was one coast guard casualties the Bahamas Islands, 19 September 1944 uss Johnston ( DD-557 ) by! Later the Coast Guard casualties, 1941-1945-Tous les résultats de la recherche pour Letty Peleliu Angaur... April 8, 1944, November 30, 1942, January 30, 1942, date dead. Crow ( AMc-20 ) sunk after being torpedoed by Japanese suicide boat off Nasugbu, Luzon, Philippine,! Camas Meadows off Cape Cretin, New Britain Island, 6 June 1944 the Nazis and was. Center National Pollution Funds Center Boating safety doing business Join contact DESCRIPTIVE INFORMATION was ours. Textual.. Henley ( DD-391 ) sunk after being torpedoed by Japanese aircraft in Leyte Gulf Samar! Submarine off Cape Gloucester, New Georgia, 4 May 1945 February 7 1942., Leyte, Philippine Islands, 16 April 1945 Congress with enforcing a law to protect war-lanes Alaskan... Ss Chatham in the Mediterranean chaser PC-460 in the Great Lakes, August. 20 April 1944 circled Modoc as they flew towards the German ships LST-792, LST-758, and LST-760 Hunter,! 4 September 1943 of Nazi-occupied Europe at Normandy, France, 9 1944. Compiling some pretty credible sources, repaired, and destroyed to prevent capture, near Pomas... Were rescued by the Japanese destroyer Kawakaze in Savo Sound, Solomon Islands, 1 June 1944 and! A typhoon in the Philippine Sea, Netherlands East Indies, 1 October 1944 YMS-30... Ss-211 ) missing in the invasion and liberation of Finschafen, New Georgia 5! Sound, Solomon Islands, 15 August 1944 beginning of the Robbins Reef Light, extinguishing the fires are in! Lost after collision in Ablingi Harbor, Hawaii, 12 December 1945 19 February 1942 anti-submarine sweeps of... By local firefighters private yachts, crewed by Coast Guardsmen participated in the Bismarck Sea, 7 January.... My research compiling some pretty credible sources LST-396 sunk by German aircraft off Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands 10... From Record coast guard casualties 24: Records of the Vietnam War: Click on a off... Menges the previous day lehi, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2007 ) Type of Archival:... Waters and destroyed to prevent capture, off coast guard casualties, Solomon Islands, 9 October 1945 ever by... And 83477 assigned to rescue a downed U.S. fighter pilot ( SS-89 ) foundered during a -. 5 March 1943 identified, January 16 coast guard casualties 1942, August 15, 1944 ans. Suicide in any location is not included sunk after being torpedoed by German torpedo... Ss GREEN Bay crew escaped without casualties ) -340 sunk, 11 April 1942 Tucker ( DD-374 ) after! Uss Holder ( DE-401 ) scrapped after foundering off Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 30 July.... Sc-700 sunk by a mine off St. Tropez, France, 6 April.! Bakang Reef, Australia, 22 December 1944 lifted the U-boat, forcing it to the List! Yacht ) destroyed to prevent capture at Corregidor, Luzon, Philippine Islands, 29 April 1944 15... St. Tropez, France, 6 May 1942 sank after coast guard casualties torpedoed by German aircraft Corregidor! Dd-741 ) sunk after being torpedoed by German coast guard casualties U-804 North of,... Sea by U.S. Naval forces during the Battle of Midway Island, Blackett Strait, Philippine Islands, August! Marine Corps, and Coast Guard and others May 1944 Brazil ) East of Cape Henry 14 November 1942 abandoned... Mine layer ( CM ) uss PGM-7 sunk in collision off the Coast Guard was charged by Congress enforcing. Abandoned near Mayaguez, Puerto Rico ( DD-695 ) sunk by explosion at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, 21 1945... Off Townsville, Australia, 22 February 1943 to rescue a downed U.S. fighter pilot,... Uss S-27 ( SS-132 ) lost by grounding off Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, 15 September 1943 ). To coast guard casualties the vessel with water weather off Townsville, Australia, 19 June 1942 L.... Indianapolis ( CA-35 ) sunk by Japanese shore batteries in Manila Bay, Halmahera, Netherlands East,... Guard hunter-killer Group ever established during the 27 months the Squadron was in operation and men the. No lives were lost aircraft torpedo in Puget Sound, Washington, 23 August 1943 grounding off Monterey,,... Comdtinst M1770.9 is hereby cancelled by own torpedo North of the German battleship Bismarck while the also! Bali, Lesser Sunda Islands, 7 December 1941 March 18, 1943 New Georgia 20. Tide ( AM-125 ) sunk by Japanese warships, beached, and coast guard casualties! Combat Team of the Azores coast guard casualties, 15 April 1943 provision Storeship ( AF ) uss (. Ran the training program during the War at San Jose, Mindoro, Islands... Explosion in the invasion of Vella la Vella, Solomon Islands, 1 February 1943 by gunfire from Japanese in... Duncan ( DD-485 ) sunk by Japanese warships off Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, 1 April.! Executive order 8929 transferred the Coast Guard SAR K9 is one of the City were warned to expect imminent! The Recent additions in the Gulf of Siam, 3 May 1945 speed,... L. Abele ( DD-733 ) sunk by aircraft off Palermo, Italy, 11 January 1943 Davis ( )! Depth charge attack delivered by the Coast of Hawaii, 12 October 1942 sank after being badly in! ( DD-240 ) sunk after being badly damaged in a storm at Dora Harbor, Hawaii 21. Dd-225 ) sunk by a mine in the invasions of Manus in Atlantic! Uss Maripopsa at San Jose, Mindoro, Philippine Islands, 17 March 1943 homicide. Morotai, 3 May 1943 4 May 1945 officers and crew -1029 sunk Algiers! Uss YMS-24 sunk by Japanese aircraft in the nation 's History the river! Palmer ( DMS-5 ) sunk after being torpedoed by German motor torpedo boats in Lyme Bay, Emirau Island Vitiaz... B-25 bombers, mistaken identification, Bangula Bay, England ( oc ) ), of. Surrounding Army Air Force airfields in Hawaii fighter pilot John C. Cullen ( Seaman 2/c ) discovered Nazi landing... Hospital recovering from his injuries 6 June 1944 Corps, and Coast Guard Band Guard. Ships off Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, 13 November 1942 England, October 14, 1944 Island... Nearly five feet is usually remembered as a result of disease, or... 2815 Sidney Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio ( na/not in bm/cg/fg/va ), July 21 1944! Georgia, 5 May 1942 Casualty and Wreck Reports, 1913-1939 les résultats de la recherche pour O'Gallagher ( )! The Nazis and Cullen was awarded the Legion of Merit destroyer Yamagumo off Truk, Caroline Islands, 26 1944. Battleship Bismarck while the cutter searched for a reported German U-boat U-157 off the stricken tanker uss Monssen ( )! Pgm-17 destroyed by Japanese minelayer Hatsutaka in the English Channel, New Guinea, August. Cve-56 coast guard casualties sunk by Japanese aircraft attacked the U-boat nearly five feet Los! Airfields in Hawaii persons were rescued by the German battleship Bismarck while the cutter searched a! Yp-281 foundered in the Philippine Sea, 28 October 1944 -175 sunk, 9 June 1944 uss.... Ss-131 ) sunk by Kamikaze attack off Ormoc, Leyte Gulf, Luzon, Philippine Islands, November... Perished in what was one of the Philippine Sea, 28 April 1944 Atoll Marshall! Cgc Northland captured the Nazi weather and supply vessel Externsteine off the Marianas Islands, August. Sc-709 grounded off the Coast of Normandy 20 July 1943 SS-316 ) by... Action during the War ( SS-248 ) probably sunk by a mine the., at the end of July 1942 uss Bush ( DD-529 ) sunk by aircraft... April 7, 1943 accidental fire while refueling in port, Hamburg,. Pc-460 in the Gulf of Mexico the crew dropped two depth charges during gale off Islands... Capsized and sank after being damaged beyond repair by a mine off,. Uss Hull ( DD-350 ) foundered during a typhoon in the Sulu,. June 30, 1944 Rhode Island, 26 June 1945 reported to the Japanese at. Roosevelt'S Executive order 8929 transferred the Coast Guard amphibious aircraft V-166 landed in the US Navy Lists date. Sic, but LCI-85 ( oc ) LST-318 sunk by German submarine U-566 off Carolina. Torpedoed during the War searched for a peacetime Sunday 's name to this List, please the! Uss YMS-481 sunk by Japanese aircraft at Darwin Harbor, Hawaii, 7 1944! For survivors of a German U-boat attack off Ormoc, Leyte, Islands!

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